Brief instructions on the Worldwide Bulletin Website

The user may choose between 3 possible user languages (spanish, english, french), clicking on the respective flags.

1. To insert new activities
a) type user and password (initially are preset as: consejoxx (xx is the number of the own council) and password is the same
b) click on "insert new activity"
c) choose the options corresponding to the activity you want to insert.
Time-period: second semester 2003
Topic: education
Country: Brazil
City: Sao Paulo
Language: Portuguese (the option refers to the language in which the description of the activity is written)
Title: Campaign of education on the Non-Violence
Responsible: Joao Soares
Description: The activity is described
Links: you might insert direct links to other websites which contain text, audio, images or program-files, to enlarge the information about the activity
In this menu, in order to facilitate the entry of the activities, the function "copy+paste" can be useful (only in fields with no predetermined text-options)
d) once the options are selected, click on the button "insert". ( the "cancel" button resets to the predetermined options)
e) you can go on adding new activities in the same way
f) if the entering of activities is completed, you may click "sign out"

2. To Search activities
There is no need of username or password
a. You may select options to narrow the search of activities (the "all" options in all fields display the whole bulletin).
b. Click on "search"
Details: clicking on the icon "home" takes you back to the homepage
In the section of insertion of activities, the user can change the own password
Currently, the information found can be saved with using the corresponding option of the navigator application used. An own website option to export the information is still not available.
Right and down of the site you may find the webmaster e-mail to request about technical problems and report about possible failures.